Sales Training

We specialize in helping our clients to accelerate their sales success by working with them to help them develop the skills and strategies to attract and keep more profitable business. Our clients tell us that how they sell quickly becomes one of their greatest competitive advantages.

Our clients consistently report that after implementing one of our customised, proven programs their people consistently deliver increased market share at greater margin. Below are a sampling of tundefinedhe programs that have propelled others to incredible heights of success.

Accessing and Influencing The C's was developed and designed specifically to arm Business Development Professionals the skills and strategies they require to step up to a whole new dimension of high end Professional Business Development.

The Intelligent System of Selling... A Professional's Guide to Sales Success. Designed to help sales professionals develop the skills and strategies they require to be as effective as possible in virtually every aspect of the sales process.

High-Tech Solution Selling...The highly competitive world of Advanced Technology calls for a unique approach to achieving sales success. In fact, traditional selling behaviours are not only inappropriate, but can be fatal in this sophisticated environment.

Marketing Professional Services... A comprehensive, multidimensional program designed to help non-sales professionals master the Client Development skills they require to attract profitable New Business for themselves and their firm.

Major Account Selling Strategies... Complex sales call for new, non-traditional sales strategies. This program will show you ways to develop your own Action Plans that will pave the way to bigger and more consistent, complex sales.

Developing An Intelligent Telephone Strategy... Breaking the Code on Telephone Prospecting. Converting your telephone from a desktop appliance into a powerful, profit producing business tool.

Negotiating to Win! Considered by many to be “the most effective skill-based System of Negotiating available today,” this proven program draws on years of research and first hand knowledge to ensure that you never pay too much, receive too little or give up too much, ever again

Precision Prospecting is a comprehensive Professional Development Program designed to arm your people with the skills required to proactively pursue prospective new clients. The implementation of these skills will result in a sales funnel full of high quality, high return prospects.

The Power of Professional Presentations... Marshall McLuhan said "The medium is the message". In presentations YOU are the medium and in the eyes of the client, you are the product or service your organization provides. Presentations are a crucial component of our Professional and Personal lives. For an idea to be clearly received, it has to be clearly sent.